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If you are an animal lover ? and most of us are ? you will be thrilled to know that none of the John Abate tanning lotions are tested on animals. To further their commitment toward the earth and providing the most natural products available, the John Abate tanning lotion product line uses minimal amounts of preservatives and carefully selects the best ingredients directly from nature.

The John Abate lotion line is not solely dedicated to tanning lotion products. In fact, the John Abate tanning line includes numerous products that are simply meant to keep your skin healthy and firm while maintaining a youthful appearance. In fact, there are several John Abate lotions that are great to use on your face as well as on your body.

The John Abate international formulas bring the wisdom of Europe in each bottle of tanning product. Within your John Abate tanning lotion, you are guaranteed to find the best ingredients nature can provide to create a deep and rich tan. Even better, your John Abate tanning lotion is backed by the knowledge that it was created by a company that puts skin care at the highest priority. After all, you can't get a great tan without first having great skin!