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Thank you for visiting our California Tan Tanning Lotions product page. California Tan makes the best lotions money can buy, with high quality ingredients and classy packaging.
Their lotions contain tan accelerating ingredients like Tyrosine, and also some special ingredients that help reduce that 'after tan' smell! You will get more out of every tanning session if you use a high quality indoor tanning lotion each time you tan indoors.

California Tan is the leader in manufacturing of premium skin care indoor tanning lotions. Their image projects the Southern California lifestyle, where sun tanning is a part of everyday life. California Tan has over 20 years experience in developing some of the most scientifically advanced products to maximize your tan. They are rooted on the belief that they can deliver the one and one true California Tan. Their products cover all areas of tanning indoor, outdoor, and sunless with a wide variety of products in each area.